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T-SQL (SQL Server)
SQL Server core skill is T-SQL, it's the main skill or pre-requisite for other skills.
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a tool to create Extract Transform Load (ETL) solution for migration or data warehouse projects.
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a tool to create reports.
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Our Story
We came to UK from Poland in 2005 at age of 18 (Katie) and 21 (Emil).

We didn't know English, we had £200 to start, no degrees (one of us didn't finish college), and Emil was after a serious accident where he almost lost his life, but fortunately he only lost sensation in his right hand. On top of all of that, we were emotional wrecks, mainly thanks to our experience in Schools.

We decided to start all over again in UK.

That was our start of a new chapter.

Thanks to people's support and organisations in UK, and our own effort (huge investments and sacrifices), we not only survived, but set up a small BI consulting company and became experts in IT field called Business Intelligence, we could just continue and enjoy life, but we feel we have a "debt" to pay back, and that is our mission for the rest of our in lives.

This year we want to open a new chapter in our lives, and use our expertise to help people improve their lives, because we believe it's only when you help yourself, you can help others, and we hope that people we manage to help, will also help others and create a never ending circle.

We will only succeed, if you decide that your hard earned money is worth supporting our mission.

We will greatly appreciate your donation or sponsorship.

Take care
Katie & Emil

p.s. After reading our story, do you feel more energy, and want to try harder?