Excel 2013 Preview download and install

Microsoft has made big investments in Self-service BI and I believe the most important one is integration with Excel. We've seen Power Pivot integrated with Excel and in Excel 2013 we can see Power View integrated with Excel as well!

In this blog post I will share my experience of downloading and Installing Excel 2013 Preview.

Excel 2013 Preview download

It took me several Google searches to find out where I can download preview and first step is to

32-bit or 64-bit

You will be presented with Office 365 Home Premium Preview screen and I actually came very quickly to the first problem. When I clicked Install button it actually took 32-bit version without giving me choice of 64-bit version. Installation stopped because I had some components installed with 64-bits.

NOTE: 32-bit is recommended by Microsoft. I found out that there some limitations for 64-bit install (most likely work in progress) but I will actually try 64-bit in my case (and if I come across limitation I will most likely use Virtual Machine and install 32-bit)

Below are screenshots of download steps I followed:

You can click Install if you want 32-bit I didn't click Install and I went with Language and install options

Office 365 Home Premium

and I made my selections and clicked install

64-bit verson of Office 2013


Excel 2013 Installation

It's time to install Excel 2013. In my case first step is to click allow to Run (followed by allow to run again on Windows 7)

Installation Security Warning

Second step is configuring. I actually don't know what it is doing here

Office Configuring

Next it's connecting to account and I suspect this is Windows Live ID where there is a limit of 5 installs.

Connect to account

Next screen is Welcome to Office. We think you'll love it.... you think so? Let's try it and see. I clicked Next button.

Start Office 2013 installation

Next screen is First things first... I like Microsoft new approach to be more relaxed and friendly and I accept

first things first

Now I'm being prompts to Sign In

Office Sign In

Let me put my email address and password

Windows Live Sign In

I can chose style?? Let's try it! It seems this is another new approach to make Office fun! ;)

Office Style

Next step for me is Sky Drive. I already use Sky Drive so I'm not sure if this screen will vary for users without Sky Drive 

Office Meet SkyDrive

What is new? I clicked Take a look but it just went to final screen??? 

What is new

All done

All done

It''s not all done!! I got a pop up.

Office 2013 File Types

and now Office 2013 opened

Office StartUp


Now I need to figure out what I have.... I just wanted Excel 2013! Maybe you don't have to customize it anymore??? I played with option but they seemed to related to PowerPoint??? I closed it and started Excel 2013 using start menu

Excel 2013

And this time I have Excel 2013 Preview. I must admit I didn't expect that but it looks like Microsoft is aiming for Windows 8 / Tablet style. Do I like it?  It is much simplier so I think I do. It wasn't that difficult to find Blank Workbook option which I clicked.


Excel 2013 Preview

and I get something I'm much more familiar with 

Excel 2013 blank spreadsheet


I've checked a few options and it seems Excel 2013 will have noticeable improvements for self-service BI.

My next blog post will be how to use Power View (I hope I can get it working without Sharepoint!)

Take care


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